What some of our Amazing Attendees have said!


This retreat has CHANGED me. It has made my life better. Did you realize that? That something you both decided to do made an actual IMPACT on a life, and I can guarantee I am not the only one. I wish you knew, I wish I could show you and tell you… and then I wish I could give you what this is worth to me… but I can’t get my hands on THAT MUCH money… you know??!! It is worth more than I could ever save up or borrow… it’s priceless really. Just know how much I appreciate, how much I give thanks, how much my heart has been healed because of The Polymer Clay Retreat.

- Melanie

I really just wanted to say how glad I am that I signed up for the virtual retreat, it is so informative and there are so many people willing to help with any query/question you may have. To see creations made by people from all over the world and everyone willing to help no matter what level they are at is simply fantastic. Well done Kira and Ilysa and to all the teachers too. Thank you.

- Tracey

I’ve never been able to even dream of attending a retreat before– they’re always far away (and often in exotic locales, like a cruise ship). Just the travel costs would’ve been lethal, let alone workshop fees/ materials costs/ etc etc. It was sheer coincidence/providence that I discovered this Adventure, and I’ve been dancing with gratitude before it’s even gotten started!This is my Christmas present to myself (which is why I’m on here today), one I’ll be able to open again and again *all year*. Thank you, Ilysa and Kira!

- Shari

I am so excited about the new classrooms. It looks like it will be so easy to get along with. I am so happy about it that I can't wait. well actually I can but it is going to be great. Nice work, Thanks!

- Maryanne

I meant it when I said sign me up for next year…I would like to be the first one to sign on so please either bill me now or tell me when registration is open.  Best classes I have ever taken, I have learned so much and “met” some incredible woman, you being one!

- Pat

I complement you both on the retreat.  Not only have I learned new techniques (and left my comfort zone), but I have a circle of friends that offer feedback, compliments and positive energy.  Thank you!

- Kathleen

First of all a big THANK YOU to the two of you!!! I guess it didn’t really occur to me until today’s start what a big challenge it has been and still will be to organize and accompany a yearlong event like this – WOW, it’s amazing. Congratulations – great job!

- Tina

This is not a question but an observation. I have attended retreats and workshops in the past. If I take an average of $250 for a workshop and multiply that by 22 (number of artists participating and teaching in PCA), it would cost me $5,500 to participate in everything. We are getting this incredible experience for $99. This is a once in a lifetime thing! Thank you Ilysa and Kira for putting this together and thank you to all the wonderful artists who are teaching!

- Shelley

What I see in the screenshots is really wonderful…..to have everything in one place for each class will be fantastic, Thanks for continuing to make our experience as students even better.

- Janet