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About the site:

Adventure Art Retreats is the product of over 8 years of online blogging and video instruction by Ilysa and Kira, the site admins. Our original website and passion is, where we have a weekly videocast dedicated to polymer clay.

We decided to bind together our loves for all mixed media artwork, teaching and sharing our knowledge, and move forward to provide this concept in online retreats. We have worked together online for many years and we want to share the rich experiences you can have without ever leaving home!


This website is a Creative safe-zone. We do not tolerate public negative or disparaging comments from anyone at any time. Many of our members choose to post work in progress and creative photos. Judgmental comments toward someone you do not know personally are not appreciated, online or in person- so please treat people nicely as you would like to have done to you. If you have something you would like to say that would be considered constructive criticism, we very much appreciate private messages. You can contact either of us and your concerns will be considered and you will be answered. If you make negative public comments anywhere in this website, we reserve the right to warn you once, and then ban you from the community if you have a second incident (no refunds granted- please heed this warning seriously). We appreciate your understanding.


We highly encourage sharing what’s here on the News Blog! (if you try to share retreat content, the link will be broken because all that stuff is hidden behind a payment.)

We have a FB page, Twitter, and Pinterest- and the buttons to Like us, Tweet about us, and Pin photos are all at the top of the site. Special timely announcements are listed there as well, and you will get a pop-up of any announcements you haven’t seen yet.

Pinterest: It is awesome when you pin photos directly from this website. It is not so awesome when you pin a photo that does not have a link, because then someone who sees the pin can’t find the original post. (This happens when you pin photos directly from your computer, instead of from a website). Keep this in mind ANY time you pin!


Proper video performance is dependent upon your computer’s ability to function at a fast speed, and your internet speed will necessarily need to be high in order to enjoy the viewing experience. All of our video offerings are non-downloadable, you must watch them online. Technical help is offered in a general capacity, as computers and network systems vary from person to person. We provide Troubleshooting guides inside all the retreats so you can figure out any technical issues you might have.

Video Passwords

Some videos are protected with a password- the password is located on the protected page WITH the videos, please look for it.

You will also need the basic skills required to download PDF files and photos. It is your responsibility to resolve any technical issues you may have with your computer’s performance, and we will assist you as much as possible.

Signing In/ Login ID

You will need to sign in to use all the features. Your sign in information is known only to you. It will include your e-mail address and your secret password. If you forget your secret password, you can click on the Login- Reset Password link and you will need to go to your email to reset it.

Please exercise good conduct and manners while interacting with staff and fellow students- note our statement above regarding the positive attitude we expect in public conversations and comments.

REVOCATIONS: Administrators reserve the right to revoke guests and students without refunds for those who do not comply with our policies.

Copyright, Ownership, Logins

Copyright and ownership of photos, videos, pdfs, and other files is a serious matter.

Copyright for the content of each workshop belongs to each individual artist and instructor. Copyright for photos on this site belong to the person who created them. We know you will get inspired here by what you learn and see, and you are encouraged to make art and crafts based on what inspires you, blog about them, and post photos of your own work where ever you would like.

Please be sure to include a proper link back to the original posting if you decide to share anything on this site. This is not just “polite,” it is the legal way to do it without violating copyright. It provides curious onlookers with a way to find out more about what is going on at these Adventures!

You may not publicly share the urls of any video, pdf file, or other download that you purchase on this website. You may not copy, distribute, share, or otherwise put the contents of purchased tutorials anywhere on the web for others to find. You may not print or sell any class content in your own in-person classes.

Our Classes, Ebooks, and Workshops are our Livelihood and sharing them violates the Terms of Use, which state that once you purchase access, they belong to YOU and you alone. The same holds true for your Login ID and password, it belongs to you and may not be shared.

Copyright violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


From the moment you sign up and pay for your membership, you will be allowed into the secure members area which is full of resources intended to get you ready for the retreat. The PDF guides, supply lists, and intro videos are all downloadable from day 1. Due to this, we do not offer refunds. If “Life Happens,” all the content will be available to you for the year, no matter what.

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