Farewell Video & How to Download

Goodbye Retreat Participants of 2016! We wish you well. PLEASE WATCH AND READ THIS PAGE THOROUGHLY, IT WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS.

This website is going to close shortly. Please contact us at thingscrafty@gmail.com if you have any last minute questions.

Here are the answers to several Frequently Asked Questions:

  • You can NOT download videos to an iPad.
  • You need to download them to a computer or to an external flash drive because the files are large, they will take up a lot of space on your hard drive.
  • If they download slowly, you are on a slow internet connection OR you need to switch to a smaller file size video in the choices section (see video below for an explanation).
  • The best idea we have- download your videos overnight. That way you aren’t taking up valuable working time on your computer, and the internet speeds tend to be a little faster because people are mostly sleeping in your area.
  • If you have concerns or questions about where your downloads go on your computer, please ask a friend- we can’t help everyone with all the different kinds of computers out there!
  • If you can’t figure something out, the videos are hosted on Vimeo – here is their troubleshooting information


All Videos have links directly on your class page. Open those specific links, and look at the bottom right for the download button.



You can watch me do this here at this link, it’s a video. LINK CLICK HERE